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Welkom Akademie

Ons streef na gehalte en uitnemendheid en spoor ons leerlinge aan om telkens hul bes te lewer. Elke indiwidu se vordering word deurtentyd gemonitor en ons bied begaafde leerlinge bykomende geleenthede om hulle gawes te ontwikkel. Ons help elke leerling om op haar eie talente te fokus en dit tot die beste van haar vermoë te ontwikkel.

Ons is trots op ons jaarlikse 100% slaagsyfer in die matriekeindeksamen en dat ons leerlinge ver bo die provinsiale gemiddeld presteer. Verder het ons groot waardering vir die merkwaardige tweetaligheid van ons dogters en die groot aantal oudleerlinge wat op universiteite, by technikons en kolleges en in die beroepslewe uitmuntend presteer.

La Rochelle is first and foremost a place of learning and personal development. High expectations and achievement are at the heart of our programmes. All pupils are able to benefit from the many opportunities like Olympiads and other academic competitions. The annual Prize-Giving and Academic Prestige Evening acknowledge academic excellence.

At La Rochelle each pupil is valued as a unique individual. Their specific talents are nurtured and developed. Our tried and tested system, based upon a sound relationship between pupils, parents and teachers ensures that each of the girls has a supportive environment in which to develop and grow. We keep parents informed with regular written and verbal reports.

We are committed to a quality education that will allow a pupil to follow the career of her choice.

Tel: +27 (0)21 872 4367 – Fax: +27 (0)21 872 7812 – E-mail: admin@larries.co.za

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