Art society: how the art society is working on uplifting the artistic culture of La Rochelle

Leisha Daniels

A new society is on the rise and an aesthetic aura fills the halls of La Rochelle Girl’s High School.

A much-needed break is making itself known right before our eyes, and it inspires learners to tap into their creative sides. The art society is a new emerging club and focusses on embracing and celebrating the artistic diversity in our school.

After experiencing this society firsthand, it is safe to say that the need for the club is great. Learners come to socialise, they come to tap into their own creative freedom, and to discover and develop their passion.

The club caters for a vast number of interests: from drawing and sketch-work, to painting and embroidery, woodwork and digital design. “We would love to create a new experience at La Rochelle Girl’s High School, allowing learners to embrace their passions and artistic diversity, creating an environment where everybody is accepted and appreciated for their dedication to the creative arts”.

The goal of the club is to help learners discover interests related to art and develop those interests. To embed into the very roots of La Rochelle, the artistic diversity empirically visible but often overlooked by many. To make a change and facilitate creative freedom, to empower the young women in our school to find what they love, and to embrace it.