Kuns kan as ‘n buitevak by die Jack Meyer Kunssentrum geneem word.

The Jack Meyer Art Centre provides specialised Visual Art and Design tuition in an inspiring, creative and disciplined atmosphere.


Painting & Drawing
Classes follow the CAPS Curriculum and various mediums such as acrylic, colour washes, graphite powder and more, are explored. Learners are encouraged to express themselves while being exposed to fine art, ranging from the old masters to contemporary art.

Graphic Art: Printmaking and Drawing
Classes focus on the disciplines of drawing and printmaking, using charcoal, pastels, pencils, pen and ink wash. Printmaking covers as many disciplines as possible, including lino printing and etching. The use of new media in conjunction with traditional techniques is encouraged.

Mixed Media
Provides a framework for learners to conceptualise and create innovative artworks. Mixed media moves beyond the use of traditional media alone, encouraging an experimental and open-ended approach to artmaking.

Textile Design
Offers a combination of practical, theoretical and bold experimental approaches to assist learners in creating their own fabric designs using screen printing.

Jewellery Design
Learners make use of conventional metal work, technical building techniques and knowledge of design practices to create wearable metal jewellery. They work predominantly in brass and copper, although mixed media is encouraged.