by Kelsey van Sitters

Grade 8 is a roller-coaster of emotions from the very first day to the very last day. Each Daisy has their own perspective of their experiences, and it is always enjoyable to hear about these special moments. I compiled a questionnaire to learn more about the nervousness and the excitement that each Daisy experienced since Day 1!

What I have discovered is that each Daisy blooms in their own specific way and all these diverse ways make the Grade 8 class of 2022 so unique and so special.

Q: What is the scariest moment of Grade 8 so far?

A: Loadshedding in the hostel

A: EXAMS!!!!

A: The fact that you didn’t know what and where to go at the beginning of Grade 8

A: The workload


Q: What has been your favourite moment of Grade 8 so far?

A: Daisy Drama

A: Meeting my Milady and new friends

A: The Grade 8 sleepover

A: 4M countdown and 4M!


Q: What has been the funniest moment in Grade 8 so far?

A: Tripping over a bag and falling into a lady that asked for directions

A: The Daisy Drama when the principal confronted me about my dancing in front of everyone

A: When I almost fell into the fishpond in the quad

A: Vrugtefees Day


Q: How would you describe your first day of school in three words?

A: Didn’t leave Mom

A: Exciting, Nerve-wracking and fun

A: Shockingly not bad

A: Unforgettable, amazing, crazy