“Cancelled.” Every sportsperson and viewers worst nightmare.

For us, sport — playing and watching — is essential, but now the unthinkable has taken place. A standstill.

During World War I, stories circulated of English and German soldiers (complete enemies) sharing a laugh and playing soccer. However, this is a unique enemy we are facing: You can’t play with a virus.

The 2020 Olympics postponed, NBA suspended, Premier League stopped and so much more. For many people, we anticipate these huge events from the beginning of the year, but now with nothing to watch, nothing to anticipate, is there anything in the sporting world to look forward to?

This is a rare time for athletes not only to rest overworked bodies and improve skills, but also to step outside the lines of a court and discover a different world. A place with less applause, less competition and more time to breath.

Sport fills time, but now we are getting all that time back. We might read more, try yoga and maybe learn a thing or three. We could look forward to other things and answer a question we’ve never asked ourselves: Can we live without sport?