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Rebecca Rossouw and Iman Allie

Our school is full of young and upcoming businesswomen who are trying to make a difference in our community. Be sure to support them and to expand their businesses.

So Gunning:

So Gunning is owned by Octavia Lawrence and Stella-Maria Horvath who are both in Grade 12. So Gunning sells accessories like jewellery and prices range from R20-R55. Purchases are made mainly via the direct message function on Instagram after which collection can take place.

Octavia and Stella started their business after they gained a new-found love for beaded jewellery and identified a high demand for it amongst their peers. Thus, they spontaneously decided to give it a go.

The business has no definite goals as it is simply a love project and creative outlet for them. Octavia and Stella believe that life is about more than spending all your time studying, they understand the importance of having hobbies.

Octavia and Stella believe that their business can make a difference, because it could inspire other young entrepreneurs to be creative, start their own business or pick up hobbies that could turn into a business one day.

A girl in a field shop:

A Girl in a Field Shop is owned by Alana Theron in Grade 12. A Girl in a Field Shop sells handmade tie-dye T-shirts, rings and second-hand items from R20 to R100. Purchases can be made via Instagram or WhatsApp. You have the option to either pay with cash or directly into Alana’s bank account. Orders will be delivered to you or couriered by Paxi Service (which costs a little extra).

Alana started her business during lockdown to spread positivity during a dark time, as well as to keep herself busy. Her goals are to spread positivity and the Word of God through cute clothing and to inspire others that they can do anything that they put their mind to.

Alana believes that her business can make a difference, because the world is a mean place, people need some positivity every once in a while, and she hopes to bring this positivity with her T-shirts.

Angel Aries Accessories:

Angel Aries Accessories is owned by Kishné Aries in Grade 12. Angel Aries Accessories sells jewellery, mostly necklaces, chokers and bracelets, from R30 to R80. Kishné tries to accommodate the average teenage girl’s budget with her prices. Purchases can be made via Instagram and WhatsApp. Purchases can either be picked up at her house or handed over at a common place, for example McDonald’s.

From a young age, Kishné was always interested in making jewellery, and her mother encouraged her to sell her jewellery in aid of a non-profit organisation. When she was in Grade 10, she joined a business competition which forced her to kick start her business and create an Instagram account. Currently she aims at getting more orders and learning new jewellery making skills, such as making dog tags.

Kishné believes that her business can make a difference, because she makes jewellery that you won’t necessarily find in shops. She thinks that this quality guarantees her customers value for their money.

Becca’s Thrifty Things:

Becca’s thrifty things is owned by Rebecca Rossouw in grade 12. Becca’s Thrifty Things sells second-hand clothes from her own collection and sometimes clothing items she finds at local thrift shops. Her price range is between R50 and R200. Prices depend on the quality of the item. Purchases are made via Instagram. Rebecca offers collection points in Paarl as well as a courier service.

Rebecca started her business because thrifting is one of her hobbies and she wanted to inform people of the cons of fast fashion and pros of sustainable fashion. Her business goal is to sell items that people love. She would love to make a difference in her community regarding the waste fashion causes and limit the amount of waste that is produced due to the clothes we buy from fast fashion retailers every day.

Rebecca believes that her business could make a difference. She says, “We all love buying clothes, so why not do it sustainably and buy second-hand?

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