Expectation vs Reality: High school edition

Kelsey Dillon van Sitters

Our heads are filled with visions and expectations of high school through films, series and books. So, it is quite a rude awakening when you find out you will not end up dating a vampire at the end of Grade 12.

We enter the school gates on the first day of Grade 8, awaiting an opening number, performed by students, to welcome us to our new beginning. Sadly, we are exposed to students wandering around with headphones and earphones rather than synchronised sequences by dancers and catchy tunes by singers. Where did we conjure up these ideas? Simple… High School: Musical.

Mean Girls has taught us that each school has its standard cliques that have their respective tables in the cafeteria. Cafeteria? Regina George? Jocks, Nerds and Rebels? Not in this reality!  What we do have are diverse cliques that are made up of people with different interests and talents but manage to enjoy each other’s company despite our differences. Unlike in movies, books or series, we don’t believe in “losers” or “loners”. We all mutually understand that some people prefer to be alone.

What about all the conversations and drama that happens at the lockers? If only we did that. American television made us think that lockers are like our own school bedroom. They should be decorated with our own choice of interior and posters – with our personality splurged into a small space. The truth is that it is empty, seldom used and often forgotten about by the start of the second term.

While we are in high school, why don’t we embark on your usual paranormal adventure or solve the mystery of how our childhood friend disappeared? Oh, that’s right – how will we find the time to do it when a deadline for a task, project or assignment is creeping around the corner? Betty Cooper and Aria Montgomery made it seem awfully simple to partake in both activities.

High school might not be what we expected it to be, however it is a place where we grow and discover new parts of our personality. High school: a place to solidify heartfelt relationships and a place to experience the good, the bad and the mediocre.

High school, the awakening of reality.