Finding your flowers

By Mila Malherbe

From Grade 8 until the very end of Matric, we walk these halls with the same familiar faces, every day. But what if that changed? Suddenly you are in a new school, surrounded by strange people and you do not know where your classes are. A study done by Newport Academy states that friendships in high school can be particularly helpful during stressful times, as well as having a person to relate to. 

Even when she did not know anyone in La Rochelle, before entering these doors this year, Catherine Brandt easily found her home here. When asked why she felt so at home she said:” It felt incredibly open and kind. It is easy to talk to the people of La Rochelle.” Through the week, as I talked to different learners, I found one common thread. All the things our school offer, like diverse sports, cultural and other extracurricular activities, allow us to broaden our minds. But, what is more important is the people we find along the way. When taking part in school functions, we meet like-minded people. We get to share ideas and opinions with our peers and get to see a unique perspective. 

The people we meet in high school help shape the people we become, by giving us innovative ideas and letting us explore new paths. These are the people we tell our children about and whom we make memories with. This school makes it a little easier to find those people. In the words of Catherine: “You can talk to anyone about anything.” You just need to start a conversation. Maybe this is the reason most new learners adjust so well in our school. It is a lively and open space full of life and sharing of love.

Being yourself, especially in an unfamiliar environment, can be a struggle at times. But at Larries we create a warm and welcoming space for everyone. This allows us to find our way and find our flowers. This helps us bloom in a way only a Larrie can. 

There are places you haven’t been to where you already belong.

We belong and we found a home in La Rochelle