by Leisha Daniels

With our to-do lists packed to the brim, deadlines looming and our social lives hanging in the balance, making time for what matters may seem taxing. However, it is indispensable, and we cannot let the pressure of doing so, overwhelm us.

I will attempt to help you discover methods in which you can achieve the ultimate objective – a balanced lifestyle.

A definition of ‘balance’ is the act of sufficiently allocating time for all the important aspects of our lives in order to achieve a higher goal or objective. While the word ‘balance’ entails various aspects, it does, however, not require a beam, a rope or for one to stand on one foot! All it requires, is discipline!

According to Jim Rohn, ‘discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.’ So, in order for us to achieve the objective of balance, we need to maintain discipline by adequately allocating time to important aspects of our lives, such as amongst others, spending time with friends, doing homework and exercising. Only once discipline is practised consistently, will our goals be reached.

Another definite route to a balanced life, is not to over-schedule our days. We often feel pressured to keeping busy, never resting, and working incessantly diligently. That is when over-scheduling causes problems, as it makes us feel totally overwhelmed. Falling behind our over-full schedules leads to unnecessary stress.

So, how do we maintain a balanced lifestyle? By scheduling enough time and having enough discipline for specific activities to accomplish our goals. Simple and feasible advice for attaining the seemingly impossible balanced lifestyle!